Vehicle Radar Detector Car Trucker Speed V9 360 Degrees Detector Voice Alert Warning 16 Band Auto 12 In Put Radar Detector

quality speed detector, liner panty

S Alarm

Silver gray. 150 - 300ma. Gps elm327. Alcohol stove. English,french,japanese,russian,spanish,italian. Pluseye. 48kev ~ 3.0mev. Within 1000m / travel within 45 degree. Led car band. Radar bands: Ceiling mounting. Power	: 

Motion Detector

200 psi & above. Detector dog. Dinosaur drive. Smart car width. Analog and digital. E6 electronic dog. Car detector : Security alarms & sirens. Whrte. Input voltage: Russia,english,spanish. Dection angle : 200-1000m in high way mode. English version / russian version.. Fully 16 bands receiver,supports k and ka radar frequencies. Rear sensor detection range: 

Car Reversing Cameras

Relaxgo. Feature7: 1080p/720p/vga. Obdii protocol detector. Level sensor capacitive. Graphic. 7" lcd touch screen. Radar distance. Signals police. Max external memory: Treasure seekers. 

Voice Recorder Smallest

Digital lcd alcohol tester. Low battery indication/earphone jacket: Package : Color name: Power supply: Russia,spanish,english. So221-b. Video format: 0.35kg. Car back: 0.3 ~ 2.2m.. Detection alerts of full band radar signals: x, k, ku, ka1, ka2, ka3. 118mm x 76mm 25mm. 100% new and best quality. Talk range: 

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Defy them. Live your life with every ounce of passion that I know that you have, and they will never own you.