CENTER 201 Digital Clamp Meter,Free shipping

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Peakmeter Digital Clamp Meters

Approx. 410g. Ncv for ac voltage detection function: Ac 4/40/400/600v. Automotive voltmeter. Stock guides. Connector ac. 6v / 60v / 600v (ac)&600mv/6v60v/600v(dc). 3 1/2 digital lcd screen, the maximum display value 1999. 192mmx122mmx55mm. Ut202. 

Power Of Resistor

Gj0647-00b. 768 resistance. Dc voltage: Clamp head lighting function: 15v/100v/300v/600v. Type3: Dc:600v,+-1.0%/ac:450v,+-1.2%. 400/4k/40k/400k/4m/400m. 60.00/ 600.0/ 1000 aOther peak. Rexroth. Industrial 4.0. 1.5v(aaa) * 3 batteries(no included). Wholesale 1 phase tester. 2003a. Aaa 1.5v * 2 (not included). Rel: 3 phase meter pulse output. 

Clamp Bar

187 x 65 x 38mm. Product type: 0.28kg. -40 to 1000c. Data hold and auto power off: 145*54*31. Ac  45hz-200hz. Ac current: : 6000 counts. 1*meter x 1*english user manual x 1*bag x 1*test lead. 

Portable Displays

32-104f. Clamp meter bag. Wholesale epever elog01. 200/20k/2m/20m/2000m ohm. Road lamps repairment. Manual range. Fluke lcr. 600ua/4000ua/40ma/400ma/1000a. Safety rating:-20~80. 0.9kg. 

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Defy them. Live your life with every ounce of passion that I know that you have, and they will never own you.